Fårö Detox

Just arrived to Fårö again, for a few days off. Decided to detox, ie, quit coffee for a week and only eat natural ingredients, and a lot of nuts, berries and veggies. This first day gave me terrible headache, no appetite, but I’ve decided to hang in there! Lots of herbal tea and water. A great friend gave me a lot of tips, lite Chia seeds that I had for breakfast with berries.
And so some reading, my new read above. It’s about the financial world and the plot is about a family run bank, that after many generations is about to collapse. I’m just into chapter two, but it’s an intriguing book so far, and I can’t let it go.

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  1. This show is absolutely fabulous! It\’s so wonderful to be able to sit back and watch a well written, beautifully acted story such as this one. I\’m hooked and will be looking for more BBC programs.

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