Life is golden today. I’m wearing a golden Mayla dress in silk paired with an old cuff with Swarowski stones from Lara Bohinc. Today I’ve done the more boring things of having a business – accounting. We went through everything a year back – every receipt, invoice and the incoming payments. We have a great firm (Nordenhem) handling all our accounts. I’m having an interesting meeting this afternoon with a major financial company and their founder. We are, amongst others, preparing to write a debate article on FICO-scores.

At lunch I bumped into some friends, like Ebba. Its great to bump into people casually – the nice thing with having an office in the city. And meeting a good friends gives you energy, I guess its a quick boost of endorphines when you meet someone you really like!

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  1. Tjusigt! Look like a million dollar baby 🙂

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